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How You Can Help!

Often we think that water pollution only comes from big oil spills or huge factories. We forget that there are lots of sources of pollution all around us. Oil drips on driveways, fertilizers on lawns, loose dirt in areas with no plants, or dog poop can all be carried by runoff to a storm drain, into a creek and then the ocean. Here are some simple things you can do to prevent water pollution:

  • Never dump anything into a storm drain or creeks.
  • Don’t litter and pick up any litter you see. Help clean beaches and creeks on California Coastal Cleanup Day or Creek Week.
  • Keep your sprinklers water on the lawn; do not overwater so that the water flows down the driveway or sidewalks.
  • Ask your parents to reduce fertilizer and pesticide use. Control bugs naturally or use a less toxic pest control product.
  • Direct downspouts away from pavement; install a rain garden to capture runoff.
  • Pick up after your pet right away.
  • Use commercial car washes or wash the car on an unpaved surface.
  • Properly dispose of used motor oil and household hazardous waste.

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